Hello BounceBack Ladies, my name is LisaBeth Willis and I am a contributing author to the bestselling anthology, “The Wait of Success,” as well as author of the soon to be released memoir “The BounceBack: From Heartbreak to Wholeness.”  You know, when I was in a dark place in need of my BounceBack I had to look at myself and realize that I was my own problem, as well as, my own solution.  I had to truly accept that my problems began when I betrayed myself.  I betrayed myself years ago when I went against my true goals and passions, and took the easy way out based upon emotions and what I realized later was subtle fear.  Of course, I had an acceptable excuse so no one questioned my decision, but if I am being honest it was the easy path instead of standing strong in the unknown and walking by faith.

Ladies, how often do we betray ourselves?  How often do we say no when we want to say yes?  Or do we say yes when at heart we want to say no?  How often do we stay in relationships, friendships, organizations, etc. knowing full well that God via our intuition is screaming at us to let leave and let go?  I’ve been there and I know the tremendous effort it took to swallow my pride, look in the mirror and get real.  I had to accept that the problem wasn’t those fake friends that betrayed me, it wasn’t that man who could only love me in his own “love language,” (as Gary Chapman so phrased) it wasn’t anyone’s fault but my own when I chose not to listen and trust my own inner spirit.  God had already made the way, but I went on my own plan.  There was a heavy price I had to pay, but by the grace of God, He used my pain to create change and I’m living whole again.  Now that I’m back on track and have been restored, doors have opened and I have bounced back.

So again, Ladies, tell me, how have you betrayed yourselves? Have you begun to take ownership of your own issues? If not, why? Or perhaps you’ve known your purpose but have gotten off track or lost yourself due to life’s responsibilities and the various titles you wear such as mother, wife, co-worker, etc.   If you haven’t taken the first steps towards self-care and pursuing your own goals or perhaps you don’t know where to start, let me help you by starting you on the journey.  This Blog, “Lessons from the BounceBack” will be used to share tools and advice to get you started and keep you moving towards wholeness.

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