LisaBeth Willis is a multi-talented author and speaker from Ohio who lives her life with consistent resilience. Although life has thrown her numerous challenges, by God’s grace she is an overcomer. Her first publication, “The BounceBack: From Heartbreak to Wholeness,” is a short memoir in which she documents the price she paid when she stepped away from her passion and purpose. It also documents how she fought to find herself and the steps she took to be restored. An excerpt/synopsis version of the memoir is included in the Best Selling anthology, “The Wait of Success: How to Become an Overnight Success in 7300 Days,” compiled by Valerie L. Coleman. The full version of “The BounceBack: From Heartbreak to Wholeness” is available at, and via this website in the “shop” link. She is also a co-author of the Amazon Best Seller, “Girl, Get Up and Move,” and the publisher of the “Book Lover’s Book Log.”

LisaBeth also conducts the BounceBack Workshop as a platform to jumpstart women on their healing journey. The interactive workshop provides a space of support, self-work and most of all, self-love. After informally coaching women for several years, LisaBeth finally launched “BounceForward to You” in 2020 to provide one on one support for her clients.

In addition to supporting others in healing, LisaBeth looks forward to continuing her passion for writing and publishing and will release both fiction and non-fiction genres in the future. She holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Miami University (Ohio) and can be contacted at  She can be followed on Instagram and FaceBook @LisaBethWillis and also on FaceBook at BounceBack Tips with Lisa.